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WebAR tools

CartMagician time-saving WebAR tools help you configure and publish products in 3D and augmented reality to any website, on all platforms, super-fast.


Easy-to-use AR tools for creators, artists, photographers & online retailers

CartMagician is filled with tools that make light work of creating memorable, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences for your customers.

You'll find our Web AR content creation tools so incredibly easy to use – no design package or web development experience is needed.

The best bit – they all work within an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that feels familiar the first time you log in.

2D to AR Conversion Tool

Convert 2D images into 3D and augmented reality product visualizations to improve customer buying confidence.

The 2D to AR conversion tool has been purpose-built by CartMagician to help businesses showcase their 2D product designs in interactive 3D and augmented reality using clever 3D templates that automatically house individual designs.

Providing customers with the perfect visualization tool to view artwork, photography, and other home decor products that benefit tremendously by allowing customers to interact with life-size representations in 3D and augmented reality as they shop online.


Bulk 2D to AR Conversions

Need to convert large numbers of 2D images into AR products for your online gallery or website?

It’s simple with CartMagician bulk processing tool! Drag and drop your JPEG and PNG image files onto the uploader, select a 3D product template, hit ‘convert’ and you’re done!

CartMagician fully automates the process to deliver the perfect WebAR files in a variety of export options that you can add to your online gallery, website or e-Commerce store.

3D to AR Conversion Tool

Let your customers try-out products directly from your website.

If you already have 3D models of your products or designs, you can take the viewing experience one step further by creating immersive 3D and web augmented reality experiences for your online shoppers.

CartMagician has all the 3D model to AR tools you need, so you can manage, save, edit, export, share and view your WebAR and 3D files on one easy-to-use online platform.

CartMagician 3D Product Templates to transform artworks into WebAR for E-Commerce

3D Templates for WebAR

Reduce product returns by bringing your 2D designs to life with CartMagician’s 3D product templates.

CartMagician pre-rendered 3D product templates replicate real-world objects and can house your 2D images and designs on them including picture frames, canvas, wallpaper, flooring, cushions, curtains, rugs and other retail items.

With 3D templates ready to use, we’ve eliminated repetitive, time-consuming 3D modelling tasks so you can showcase your beautiful products fast.

WebAR Export File Options

Increase engagement and interaction by generating the perfect WebAR export files for your audience.

We’ve created several helpful export options to meet your customer’s different device requirements and make it easy for you to upload WebAR files direct to your website.

CartMagician automatically generates user-friendly export snippets in all the industry-leading USDZ and GLB formats, web-embeds, WebAR and 3D viewers, QR codes and hosted URLs that can be added to your product page in seconds.

So, whether you need products to display in AR on walls, floors or in an open space, CartMagician makes it easy to export the content you need as soon as you login.

CartMagician 3D Colour Variant Tools for E-Commerce WebAR viewers

3D Colour Variant Tool

Your customers can now visualise your products in multiple colours as they shop online.

CartMagician's Colour Variant tool will help you configure and display products in the right colours to help businesses minimise product returns.

Which colour do you like? Helps customers see what the product looks like in the all the colours you have available, place in their own home using the 3D and WebAR viewers, then confidently purchase knowing that they have made the right choice.

3D Product Variant Tool

Showcase product variations quickly with our high-quality 3D product configurator that supports augmented reality.

Add your 3D models, configure variations of your product, then copy the automatically generated snippet for the interactive 3D viewer and paste onto your website. It's that easy!

CartMagician WebAR 3D Product Variant Tools for E-Commerce 3D AR viewers
CartMagician WebAR 3D Product Material Variant Tool

3D Material Variant Tool

Need to show your products in different finishes, designs or patterns?

The CartMagician 3D Material Variant Tool helps customers visualise the look of different materials and finishes for your products.

Simply configure your model to suit your needs then add the interactive 3D and WebAR viewer to your website. Easy!

3D Product Template Creator

If you can’t find the perfect template in our 3D template library, why not create your own?

The 3D Product Template Creator uses a 3D model you already have. Within minutes you can create your new template ready to apply infinite designs and add the finished 3D and AR files to your store.

CartMagician WebAR 3D Product Template Creator Tool

3D Hotspot Creator Tool

Enrich the online shopping experience with the perfect secret salesman.

Provide customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase. Showcase the features and benefits by adding hotspot details then view the interactive 3D experience on your website.