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What CartMagician Enterprise AR offers online businesses like yours

What CartMagician AR Enterprise offers online businesses like yours

Enterprise AR CartMagician API integration made easy

Customizable API integration

CartMagician APIs make your products augmented reality-ready on any platform. Publish 2D images, 3D models, and WebAR straight to your product pages by automating the conversion process.

Enterprise AR Seamless customer WebAR 3D experiences

Seamless customer experiences

CartMagician supports all major web browsers and e-commerce platforms including custom and bespoke. Simply tap to view your products in the browser and reach billions of customers. No apps to download.

Enterprise AR best possible experience before they choose to buy

Custom solutions

Offer your customers a convenient and pleasant shopping experience when they purchase your products online. CartMagician streamlines workflows from start to finish with automation at your fingertips.

Enterprise AR CartMagician analytics and data

Unlimited product posibilities

Unlock competitive rates as you grow your business to explore and showcase online products.

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Enhance E-Commerce to Grow Sales

Why choose CartMagician Enterprise?

Why choose CartMagician Enterprise?

With CartMagician Enterprise you can instantly add the magic of augmented reality to your web or e-commerce business. Fully integrate for your customers to enjoy and for your products to take center stage!

CartMagician is Easy to integrate and manage

Fast Deployment

CartMagician thinks differently when it comes to large scale deployment of 2D to AR, 3D and web AR. Join our community of creators, galleries and e-Commerce merchants succeeding with AR powered by CartMagician.

CartMagician includes Simple, cost-effective pricing

Usage Based Pricing

No matter your business requirements, CartMagician makes it easy to get started with tailored usage based pricing, purpose-built integration and product automation to remove effort.

CartMagician provides Expert support for augmented reality integration and 3D conversion tools

Enterprise Support

You’re not alone. CartMagician’s dedicated account management, API integration and workflow support and help desk teams will get you what you need, when you need it.

Modern eCommerce needs web-enabled AR to help drive sales.

Enterprise tools from CartMagician enable you to showcase products to customers quickly and conveniently.

Automate with 3D Templates

Full API developer documentation

Time-saving Batch processing

Integration, and workflow support

Fast setup with sandbox testing

Fast setup with sandbox testing

Features to help you succeed.

You've built the store-front, we’ll add the magicial layer!

With CartMagician API integration, your customers can upload and convert their files into augmented reality and 3D content directly from your web or e-commerce platform.

Better Shopping Experiences with APIs built for E-Commerce

You can offer better customer experiences faster by integrating CartMagician API and AR conversion tools.

Reduce Effort. Automate your Workflows

Setup actions to transform 2D images like art, rugs and other common products into 3D and WebAR files and publish them directly to your product pages, allowing online shoppers to 'try before they buy'.

Drive Better Sales and Engagement

Using WebAR and 3D viewers, you can display life-size representations of products as customers browse online and increase conversions, engagement, and sales when you need it most.

Reach and Engage Audiences

Deliver high quality augmented reality and 3D content to your fans and followers directly from your website on any device. No apps, all in the web-browser.

Fast and Secure Content Management

Centralize your organization's 2D, 3D and augmented reality products and content in one secure cloud-based location so your team can edit, share, manage, and collaborate on AR projects.

Tailoring to your needs

Tailoring to your needs

End-to-end augmented reality and 3D to help drive sales and engagement across your online marketplace.

CartMagician Flexible functionality

Flexible functionality

We can customize the API to meet the needs of your current web platform and CMS.

CartMagician Product template creation

Product template creation

Create your own interactive digital replicas of your products ready to automate and apply designs onto.

CartMagician provides Whitelabel options for enterprise AR customers


Optimize the experience with your own branding and domain redirects.

Power-up your online shopping with CartMagician Enterprise

Power-up your online shopping with CartMagician Enterprise

Reach out to us and our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs.

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.