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With CartMagician, you can convert 2D images and 3D models into augmented reality files for the web - WebAR - for Apple iOS devices.

All from your browser. No app downloads required.

Magic Tools for WebAR creation / Import 2D and 3D files

CartrMagician Platform overview and features for creating WebAR, 3d visuals

Streamlining WebAR content creation is easy with CartMagician USDZ conversion

Streamlining WebAR content creation is easy with CartMagician USDZ conversion

No more static images photoshopped in someone elses space. You can easily convert your existing 2D images or 3D models into WebAR files with CartMagician's cloud-based USDZ converter tool, and immediately add them to your e-commerce store or website for customers to see wherever they are.

Static Product Page

Go beyond static product imagery to boost engagement

Customers expect more than a static mock-up in a beautiful home that you picked on the internet. They want something real, and our USDZ conversion tools deliver 3D and AR visuals that are the closest you can ever get to reality.

CartMagician USDZ conversion tool simplifies the creation of WebAR experiences

CartMagician USDZ conversion simplifies the creation of WebAR experiences

CartMagician’s cloud-based USDZ converter makes it easy to transform your 2D images or 3D models into perfectly optimised WebAR files, ready to be added to your e-commerce store or website and viewed by customers anywhere.


Showcase Products

Go beyond static imagery and display products and features in real-time with CartMagician usdz conversion tools. Output perfect scale and allow customers to place in home with CartMagicia added behind the scenes on product pages.


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A complete USDZ conversion tool for exporting, sharing and showcasing WebAR and 3D content

A complete USDZ conversion tool for exporting, sharing and showcasing WebAR and 3D content

Convert to USDZ

Utilize 2D images and 3D models you already have to create USDZ augmented reality files for iOS devices in as little as three steps then add to your online gallery, e-commerce or marketplace website.

WebAR Tools for USDZ

USDZ conversion is just the start. With CartMagician you have access to additional time-saving WebAR tools and exports, web-embeds, 3D configurators and 3D viewers you simply copy to your site and view.

Manage USDZ Projects

Hosting your augmented reality projects in a central, secure location allows you to seamlessly deliver 3D and WebAR product experiences to your prefered web, CMS or e-Commerce platform.

Grow your Business

CartMagician helps you drive sales and engagement by creating seamless try-before-you-buy experiences. Add CartMagician's API to process your USDZ files into 3D and AR content direct to product pages.

CartMagician USDZ Converter for 3D models

Convert your 3D models into augmented reality content for iPhone and iPad.

Convert your 3D models into augmented reality content for iPhone and iPad.

If you already have 3D models of your products, you can take it one step further and create immersive augmented reality experiences for your customers to view on iOS devices.

In a few simple steps, CartMagician can convert your 3D models into USDZ files that can be viewed on Apple iOS 13 or later iPhone and iPad devices. Your customers can then visualize your 3D product in their own environment.

CartMagician accepts the most used 3D file formats including FBX, DAE, OBJ, GLB and GITF to name a few.

Go one step further with CartMagician's Augmented Reality tools and automatically generated 3D Product Configurators to display interactive content in different ways on your website or e-Commerce store.

CartMagician USDZ Converter for 2D images

Convert your 2D images into augmented reality visuals for iPhone and iPad with 3D Templates

Convert your 2D images into augmented reality visuals for iPhone and iPad with 3D Templates

What if your products or designs could look as good on an Apple iOS mobile device as they do in real life? Well, that’s what USDZ files do.

Now you can assist your online customers to view your products in augmented reality. Using CartMagician’s 2D to AR conversion tools and 3D product templates, you can easily convert your existing 2D images including photography, artworks, and other design products into fully optimized WebAR files that replicate of the real product, ready to add and view on your website, online gallery or e-commerce store.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to create USDZ files. CartMagician’s conversion tools will take your 2D image in JPEG or PNG format and convert them into USDZ for you in just a few clicks.

Credits: Joao Costa

USDZ Exports, Web Embeds and Sharing Tools on CartMagician

USDZ export tools you can deploy in minutes.

USDZ export tools you can deploy in minutes.

Using CartMagician's USDZ conversion and WebAR tools, and automatically generated exports you'll be able to create captivating, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences for Apple iOS devices in minutes. You won't need any 3D design skills or web development experience to make these tools work for you.

CartMagician makes it easy to export WebAR to your web or e-commerce platform.

Integrations made for e-Commerce

Integrations made for e-Commerce

With CartMagician you can connect any web or e-Commerce platform in just a few minutes. Add your USDZ files (and GLB for Android viewing) to create a cross-browser shopping experience.

Universal Connect

Add interactive 3D and AR visuals To Any Web Platform With CartMagician Connect

CartMagian Connect comes with its own Connection Wizard to get you set up in minutes. Soon you will take your customers' shopping experience to a whole new level. Adding interactive 3D, augmented reality, and analytics to provide customer insights. With just a few clicks, connect and verify any web or e-commerce platform.

Learn About CartMagician Connect
Instant AR and 3D Functionality for any Web and E-Commerce Platform With CartMagician Connect
Enterprise 3D & AR at Scale

Enterprise API

CartMagician API supercharges your products into augmented reality on any web platform. Automate the processes of uploading, selecting, size, frame and colour variations, 3D product template selection, converting and publishing 2D images, 3D models and WebAR visuals straight to your product pages. Apply your setting requirements and automate content behind the scenes with ease.

Explore CartMagician API
CartMagicioan Enterprise API
Download & Install

CartMagician 'WooConnect' for WooCommerce

The ultimate all-in-one add-on for WooCommerce customers. WooConnect provides full access to the CartMagician online platform tools plus the ability to start selecting and converting files without leaving your product pages.

Explore WooCommerce AR
CartMagician AR API for WooCommerce
Add-on from Shopify Marketplace

'CartMagician AR' for Shopify

CartMagician automates artworks into AR masterpieces on Shopify in just 3 clicks! Available to download and install on the Shopify app marketplace merchants can start converting 2D imagery of artworks, photography, wall and floor designs and other products like rugs, curtains, cushions and more into augmented reality with stunning 3D visuals.

Explore Shopify AR
CartMagician AR API on Shopify app marketplace

Using GLB Files on Android

Need to create WebAR files for Android devices?

Need to create WebAR files for Android devices?

CartMagician automatically converts 3D models and 2D images with 3D templates into GLB format too! CartMagician's conversion tools help you generate all the files you need for your website and automatically generate USDZ and GLB files in a matter of seconds ready to export to your preferred web platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

A USDZ file is a web-based 3D AR file format which is viewable as AR content on a website known as WebAR when you click on it while browsing the web or shopping online using an iOS device. Created by Pixar, USDZ is a rich format that can display vivid and detailed objects as well as animations.

Built-in apps on Apple devices, such as Safari web browser, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes, use AR Quick Look to display USDZ files of virtual objects in 3D or AR on iPhone and iPad.

What’s great about USDZ is that you can export USDZ straight out of CartMagician and view directly in Safari and Chrome web browsers on all new Apple devices with iOS 12+ and beyond.

CartMagician accepts all standard industry file formats including;

  • FBX to USDZ
  • GLB to USDZ
  • GlTF to USDZ
  • OBJ to USDZ
  • ABC to USDZ

Include your textures and materials or baked into the scene for best performance ready to upload and convert into WebAR USDZ format.

3D applications including CAD based design programs, Blender and 3DS Max all have the ability to export models in the correct file formats ready to upload into CartMagician. You an also download models from 3D libraries in compatible formats ready for upload.

Absolutely. When you convert a file into USDZ format, CartMagician automatically generates mutiple ways to export. These include WebAR embeds, 3D previewers, hosted URLs, QR codes, iFrames web embeds, iFrames with ApplePay buttons during AR experience, configurable colour, model and texture variant tools, add hotspots and more.

CartMagician makes it easy for any user to convert and add 3D and augmented reality to their website. You can configure to suit your needs then simply copy and paste the auto generated USDZ exports to your website or eCommerce platform ready to view.

Yes, you can. You can include animations in your USDZ file ready to be viewed on the mobile web. This is great for highlighting product features, displaying installation prompts, or creating a memorable AR experience ready to share.

Yes. When creating your 3D model using an application like Blender, CAD applications or 3DS Max for example, you can set the size and scale so that it matches the real world item when viewed in AR. Simply export for 3D file at the desired size and upload into CartMagician.

Review the CartMagician Platform Getting Started Guide for detailed information.

Yes, you can. CartMagician exports USDZ files in several ways. You can export them as a WebAR viewer or iFrame and view an interactive 3D preview on your web page. You can also see a 3D preview when viewing on an Apple mobile device in 3D AR mode providing a great way to show customers the close-up detail of your product.

CartMagician exports USDZ files to a growing list of Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Support for viewing USDZ files in AR is built directly into iOS and iPadOS, so you can experience AR not only from an app, but also within Safari, Mail, Messages, Files and more using AR Quick Look.

For a complete up to date list of Apple iOS devices using ARKit technology please visit: https://www.apple.com/au/ios/augmented-reality

AR requires an iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 12+ or later or iPadOS, and an A9 chip or later.

Yes. The USDZ format supports data like textures and geometry/animation when they are contained in a single file.

Yes. Simply upload your model in any of the compatible formats and convert to export in the USDZ format.

Unfortunately not. But you can use CartMagician’s 3D Converter for 3D models into USDZ format.

Yes. You can upload your 2D images in either JPEG and PNG file formats using the 2D to AR Converter select a 3D template to house your image then convert and export into USDZ format.

Deliver seamless e-commerce shopping experiences for online shoppers.

Deliver seamless e-commerce shopping experiences for online shoppers.

CartMagician automatically outputs USDZ files into augmented reality and interactive 3D viewers compatible with major web browsers, across all web and e-commerce platforms. Content will appear on Apple iOS (USDZ) and Android (GLB) instantly to deliver an improved customer experience.

See what CartMagician USDZ converter and WebAR exports can do for you

See what CartMagician USDZ converter and WebAR exports can do for you

All from your browser. No customer app downloads.