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USDZ File Converter for eCommerce WebAR

Output to the most used WebAR 3D file formats

CartMagician utilises the industry's most powerful web enabled augmented reality file formats to create WebAR product experiences including USDZ (ARKit 3) for Apple devices and GLB/glTF (ARCore) for Android device combatibility.

Making the most of your CartMagician converted 2D to 3D / AR content - embed your designs on your website, add them to your online store or gallery and bring it to life by showcasing them in augmented reality with 3D preview.

CartMagician 2D AR conversion platform is cloud based and CartMagician AR for WooCommerce plugin supports externally hosted URLs means you can simply copy and paste between the platforms.

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Create WebAR from 2D images in 3 easy steps!

With CartMagician you can seamlessly create immersive experiences for the real world.

Convert and Publish 2D to 3D and Augmented Reality to any website or eCommerce store, on all platforms with CartMagician Web AR.


On iPhone and iPad
- USDZ File Format

USDZ file format enables browser-based website Augmented Reality content and immersive experiences on iPhone and iPad. CartMagician Web AR takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit 3 technology utilising USDZ file format to activate website AR content on an Apple device simply by opening Safari or Chrome browsers. AR capabilites are supported in the browser across a host of Apple iOS devices using Apple QuickLook.


On Android Devices
- GLB/GlTF File Formats

Take advantage of adding lifelike 3D content on your website. View your 3D content in real life on supported Android devices with a tap of a button right from your website. Add interactive 3D models, animation and browser-based website Augmented Reality content and experiences. Augmented reality browser experiences utilise Google ARCore technology on supported Android devices.


On Desktop Browsers
- Embed on the Web

CartMagician provide 3D viewing capabilities through your web browser so you can view, zoom or rotate 3D content with ease from within your desktop browser then seamlessly transition to your mobile device to view in life-like augmented reality as well.

CartMagician AR is focused on helping you seamless produce and showcase your products across eCommerce in WebAR and 3D without any 3D modelling experience. CartMagician handles that for you!

Convert 2D to 3D and AR quickly!

Simply upload your 2D image and within seconds eCommerce store owners, product managers and businesses owners have created something quite amazing that can be uploaded directly to their website or eCommerce store.
Helping eCommerce to stay in front of the changing retail landscape.

Publish AR Products for eCommerce

Access all the files you need - whether it’s a GLB or USDZ file or URL to upload directly into CartMagician AR for WooCommerce plugin or other website, social or eCommerce platform integration. Customers can view and engage with your product visualisations in 3D & augmented reality with ease.

Visualise Augmented Reality Anywhere

CartMagician augmented reality conversion tools and eCommerce extensions make it easier for eCommerce customers to visualise, interact and purchase store products online without leaving their home or business. It works on all mobile devices and no coding skills are needed! It’s as simple as capy and paste!

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