Instantly Turn Online Products into augmented reality!

CartMagician Automates Art and E-Commerce Products into 3D Augmented Reality, Effortlessly Enhancing Your Online Store with Interactive Shopping on Every Product Page.

All from your web browser. No app downloads or 3d experience required.

All-in-one Augmented reality platform for marketing & visualizing online products

Everything you need to create, manage, and share amazing augmented reality art, online products and digital marketing experiences.

Easy as 1-2-3

Upload, convert, share, 3D and AR product visuals, no matter your skill level.


Save time transforming 2D images, Artworks & 3D models into try-before-you-buy AR visuals.


Showcase online products with custom branding, 3D configurators & viewers.


Create 3D and AR shopping experiences for art and other products in stunning detail.

Tools in the magician's hat

Peep into our magician’s hat to see what makes CartMagician a must for online store products and art visuals.

Convert images into 3D 2D to 3D-AR

Replicate Art into AR visuals Visualise Art in AR

Automate 3D product creation Re-useable 3D templates

Web exports & embeds One-click sharing

Streamline workflows Batch processing

Convert models 3D to AR

Customise products 3D configurators

Install Plugin or Configured API Web integrations



Easily upload, convert, and transform your 2D images and 3D models into webAR and 3D product visualizations.

Effortlessly convert your entire product range or online art gallery into 3D and AR-ready files with batch processing, tailor-made 3D product templates and CartMagician’s time-saving automation.


Adding buttons, exporting or syncing 3D and AR product assets directly to your product pages is easy with CartMagician.

Featuring built-in content management, auto-generated web exports, ready-to-install web and eCommerce integrations, and analytics that provide engagement insights, CartMagician is ideal for staying organized.


One-click sharing and web exports make adding content to any website, email, sms or marketing campaign a breeze.

Publish directly to product pages on your website or share them instantly via email and digital marketing. Customize 3D and AR viewers, add your own branded buttons, and 'Buy now' features.

Where AR Magic Meets E-Commerce and Art Sales!

Enhance your online shopping experience to drive sales, engagement, and loyalty. No matter what products you like to sell.

Elevate Product Pages
Unmatched E-commerce Product Visualization


How clever businesses like yours put CartMagician AR to work

Drive online sales conversions through interactive 3D and 'view anywhere' augmented reality product visuals.

Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

If you have products that prospects could benefit from seeing in their home or office first, then this is a no brianer, CartMagician will increase your sales and revenue and make your customers very happy too. 10/10 A+++

Samovar Carpets

Samovar Carpets

The greatest challenge for Samovar was how to allow all our clients access to try our carpet collections at home. The idea for an augmented reality was in the works but we didn’t have have knowledge and capability to make that happen. That is were CartMagician came in. They made converting our carpet designs into 3D and AR simple, automated and cost effective.



CartMagician has been an amazing tool for us. We have been able to bring the power of augmented reality to our photographers and to their shoppers, offering an immersive creative experience that ultimately drives a higher conversion.

Drive Sales Conversions and Engagement

Drive engagment through WebAR

higher conversion rate when using AR to sell online products.

Boost Store Conversions

decrease in returns from companies using AR-guided purchases.

Reduce Return Costs

of shoppers are ready to pay more, if allowed to visualize products through AR.

Increase Sales Revenue

Ready to transform your online shopping experience?

Ready to enhance your online shopping experience?

Transform Your Art and E-commerce Products into Stunning 3D and Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences.

Augmented reality tailor-made for online products.