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CartMagician is where you find awesome augmented reality and WebAR resources for eCommerce websites. Use CartMagician to easily create 3D and AR from 2D imagery. Use our Plugins to add 3D and AR viewable products into your online store so customers can visualise, try and buy without leaving their home or business.

Create 2D > 3D AR


Fast-track your way to converting 2D images (JPEG & PNG ) into high quality, 3D and Augmented Reality viewable products for eCommerce and business websites.

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Visualise Web AR


Seamlessly connecting eCommerce store websites with 3d and augmented reality, known as WebAR so shoppers can place, interact and visualise products in their own home.


Easy to use

A simple process you can follow without having to know anything about 3D or code. In 4 steps you have created augmented reality for your website or eCommerce store.


Time saving

Operate faster, smarter and with more efficiency. CartMagician will help you supercharge your workflow without the need of additional development.


Money saving

CartMagician speeds up the sales process and helps customers decide the best product for them. Saving you time and money with quicker results.

4 Easy Steps

Transform your eCommerce

Industry leading Web AR

Super-fast easy-to-use online tools

Connect and Visualise
products anywhere

CartMagician augmented reality.

Drag'n'Drop any PNG or JPEG image file that you want to upload & convert

Select a hyper-realistic 3D product template from our library

CartMagician converts the 2D image & 3D template to create Web AR with 3D preview

Share or embed WebAR files or URLs across websites, eCommerce or socials

Our pricing is simple and transparent.

Select the best plan for your needs and start using our online WebAR tools and plugins now

Check out Video Help Desk to fast-track your way to converting images into WebAR viewable eCommerce products.

Take the guesswork out of Web AR for eCommerce

Transforming eCommerce
for good.

CartMagician simplifies the workflow of creating and adding hyper-realistic 3d product visualizations and augmented reality into eCommerce for store owners and product managers all over the world. Get all the features you need for a fully interactive eCommerce website that helps attract, engage and sell products when you need it most.

CartMagician Web AR for eCommerce


Add Automation to your Augmented Reality

CartMagician adds a little automation magic into creating AR. Without any prior experience you can quickly turn your product images, art and designs into complete AR-ready website products for shoppers to visualize without leaving their home or business.


3D Product Templates
Made Easy

Don’t start from scratch. Select a hyper-realistic 3D product template from the 3D library or let CartMagician produce 3D content for you by requesting 3D content creation & texture services to customise your own individual range. We can help replicate your existing products.


App Free AR for Brands - Connect > Add > Share.

CartMagician's powerful cloud-based platform, eCommerce plugins to visualise products and sharing capabilities help you create, manage, convert and publish web-ready Augmented Reality and 3D content into all the right places across web, eCommerce and social.

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