Mobile Ready Web Based AR Experiences

Apple devices running iOS 12 are AR enabled. Select the product in your store and view the AR experiences. That simple!

Easy Shop Integration

Quickly enhance your online products and stores capabilities. Shoppers see products instantly to gain a sense of scale, size and detail.

No Apps to Download

Remove the road block with CartMagician. Simply open your website on your iPhone or iPad and select the AR enabled content.

Improve Conversions

Boost your online shop conversion rates significantly with engaging and unique AR experiences.

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WooCommerce Integration

CartMagician extension integrates directly into your WooCommerce store, enabling you to quickly add and manage 3D models for all of your products.

Convert 3D models into AR ready experiences & products

CartMagician converts your 3D models into website ready USDZ and GLB/GLTF file formats so that your customers can view your products in augmented reality. Our process is simple, extremely quick, quality controlled and best of all perfectly suited to online retail stores. CartMagician now converts over 60 file formats!

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We create Lifelike 3D Models of your Products that integrate seamlessly into your website ecosystem.

The world of Augmented Reality is here. It requires a paradigm shift in 3D content creation to enable immersive experiences.

CartMagician strives to make the most lifelike and beautiful 3D content. With a proprietary process honed over the years, we can recreate your products in the most intimate detail. All content is optimized for AR/VR/MR and ready to work across your entire digital ecosystem.

3D models have been around for a long time – used primarily for architectural purposes or animation. CartMagician AR goes well beyond these industries. Simplifying the entire 3D content creation process from beginning to end.

Our 3D models are high quality, lifelike single textures, allowing the content to be accessed and shared across the web, social media, mobile, and any other digital distribution networks.

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AR Publishing & Distribution

The most valuable key to CartMagician's 3D models is that they are platform agnostic. Once we replicate a product in its full lifelike 3D detail, the same model can then be published to a wide distribution network. This is an essential feature we offer to accommodate the growing ecosystems of Augmented Reality.

CartMagician's proprietary process allows for the same 3D model to be used on the web, in a mobile application, on social media platforms, across e-commerce stores, or used in a business app.

Leveraging 3D content creation so once a single asset is created, it can be utilized in a vast network of interlocking platforms – transitioning a business instantly into the full 3D / AR world.

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How it works

CartMagician is transforming the online shopping world with web-page enabled augmented reality experiences. By integrating CartMagician into your WooCommerce store or website you can quickly start publishing augmented reality product experiences to enhance customer interactions across your entire shopfront.Installing CartMagician is easy and with our quick help videos and FAQs you will be up and running in no time.If you need further assistance, we are here to provide support.

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Includes 5x 3D to USDZ Conversions/Month

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We accept up to 50 2D/3D File Types

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