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Ready to transform your shopping experience?

Ready to transform your shopping experience?

Create and publish 2D images to 3D and AR experiences, 3D configurators, share and sync to product pages using the CartMagician platform - all in the browser, no app download necessary.

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$299 $249 per month / per month, paid yearly

Complete all-in-one package for your online brand, art gallery, products and eCommerce business.

Based on your quantity selections above, price includes publishing of 0000 Artfiles into AR & 3D visuals plus features below

  • Everything in Growth + Add-ons, plus
  • Publish 0000 Art Products (live)
  • Unlimited file uploads/conversions
  • Full access to all CartMagician tools
  • Tier 1 Analytics reporting
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain masking
  • Faster CDN hosting for 3D & AR content
  • API integration tools & Support
  • Full API access - seamless delivery
  • API driven 3D/AR product configurators
  • API workflow reviews
  • API integration support
  • Priority support
  • Access Enterprise Pricing + Features
  • Reduced pricing
  • Custom API support
  • Art Marketplace ready
  • Technical support
  • Reseller loyalty program
  • and more...


$99 $79 per month / per month, paid yearly

Enhance the product experience, batch processing, 3D configurators and analytics to drive engagement.

Based on your quantity selections above, price includes publishing of 0000 Artfiles into AR & 3D visuals plus features below

  • Everything in Starter, plus
  • Publish 000 Art Products (live)
  • 10,000 file uploads/conversions
  • 3D & WebAR model optimization
  • Tier 2 Analytics reporting
  • Workflow reviews
  • Unlimited web views
  • Batch processing automation
  • Automate 3D & AR-ready web files
  • Automate 2D images into 3D & AR with 3d product templates
  • Generate 3D configurators
  • Add Color variants
  • Add Fabric & Material variant
  • Add Model variants
  • Add Feature Hotspots
  • Add-ons included (no-extra cost)
  • WooConnect AR plugin API
  • WooConnect free standard installation
  • Art Frame Template Creator toolNEW
  • 3D Template Creator tool


$24 $19 per month / per month, paid yearly

Perfect for artists & merchants getting started with 3D design & AR, sharing and embedding on the web.

Based on your quantity selections above, price includes publishing of 0000 Artfiles into AR & 3D visuals plus features below

  • Everything you need to get started
  • Publish 00 Art Products (live)
  • 1,000 file uploads/conversions
  • Augmented reality
  • Watermark removed on exports
  • Auto-generated web exports
  • One-click share projects
  • Embed projects
  • Export 2D, 3D & AR files
  • Access free 3D product templates
  • Content Hosting & Delivery
  • Online & Email Support
  • Website setup assistance
  • Help desk & resource docs
  • Online video tutorials
  • Online support

Free trial.

$0 $0 7-day free trial 7-day free trial

Explore and learn about CartMagician features. Select any plan risk-free for 7-days.
  • Free trial provides access to the plan features with the following limitations;
  • Includes 5 Art Test Products
  • Watermarked export files
  • Feature limits during trial
  • Pre-populated test files
  • Change plan or cancel at anytime.
  • Online Support
  • Help desk, video tutorials & help docs

No lock-ins. Cancel anytime. Unlimited web views included.

When calculating product needs include product variants as well. For example 1 product that has 12 variants = 12 published assets in total.
Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each billing cycle unless cancelled. See Terms of Service.

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Enterprise AR pricing

Enterprise AR can be used with CartMagician eBusiness in a commercial environment. In order to take advantage of enterprise pricing, contact our sales team to discuss your use case and online marketplace requirements if you would like to display many products in 3D and AR and add CartMagician API to your online marketplace.

Contact Enterprise Sales
Platform Features Free Trial Starter Growth eBusiness
Commercial Use
Drag 'n' Drop Online Cloud Editor
Connect any web platform > Magic AR connection script
Convert 2D Images into 3D and WebAR files
Convert 3D Models into WebAR files preview only
Built-in Analytics preview only
Add Unlimited Web AR Viewers
Add Unlimited 3D Viewer
Save Unlimited AR Projects
Unlimited Media uploads
Free 3D Product Template Library
Art Frame 3D Template Creator
Request custom 3D templates*
WebAR & Media Cloud Hosting included
No Watermark trial only
Export Option and Features
Automated Conversion Tools for WebAR output files to USDZ
Automated Conversion Tools for WebAR output files to GLB
Automated QR Code Generator for viewing AR on your site
Export files to USDZ format
Export files to GLB
Export Shareable URL links for WebAR USDZ & GLB files
Export Configurable iFrame Web Embeds with 3D Previews
Customise your own 'View in AR' branded buttons
Export your 3D Model Animations to WebAR
Platform Integrations
CartMagician Connect SDK - easily add 3D AR technology to your web platform
CartMagician eBusiness API - for seamless delivery of 3D AR content to web platforms
Shopify API app Integration 7-day free trial Learn about Shopify AR Learn about Shopify AR Learn about Shopify AR
CartMagician Woo Connect plugin API
CartMagician PRO WooCommerce AR Plugin $149/yr $149/yr $149/yr
ApplePay AR Integration^^
DropBox Media Integration
Google Drive Media Integrations
Simple Domain name masking
Batch Processing and Conversion Tools
Batch Processing 2D to AR Conversion Tool
Batch Processing 3D to AR Conversion Tool
Product Configuration Tools
3D AR Color Variant Configurator
3D AR Product Variant Configurator
3D AR Product Material Configurator
3D Product Template Creator (used with the 2D to AR Conversion Tool)
3D Product Hotspot Creator
CartMagician WooConnect Plugin for WooCommerce
Included FREE with CartMagician plans
Includes additional CartMagician Platform Tools
5 minute install & setup - Includes free installation as required
API automatically connects your web platform
Automated placement of View in 3D and AR cta buttons
Batch processing of 2D images into 3D & AR direct to product pages
CPerfect for Artworks, Rugs and other design products
Customise conversion settings, 3D-AR size output and branding setting
Access platform 3D & AR content direct from WooCommerce product pages
Add 3D models from CartMagician Platform
Customise your own 'View in AR' & 'View in 3D' button branding
Elementor template integration
WooCommerce Hooks integration
Dokan marketplace compatibility
WooConnect Installation Support
Installation Support
Help Desk
Online Video Tutorials
Online Getting Started Guides
AR Workflow Reviews - streamline 3D & AR processes
Online Support Priority
Add additional AR conversion credits
Purchase additional AR conversions credits at anytime to suit your needs. Requires paid plan $1.04 (flat rate) $0.37 (flat rate) $0.25 (flat rate)
When calculating how many products you need include product variants as well. For example one product that has 12 variants different variants = 12 published assets in total. ^Annual plan only. Acceptable use policy applies to all plans. ^^Requires ApplePay to be installed.
*Custom 3D templates to be briefed and quoted separately. Purchase additional AR conversion credits at anytime to suit your needs. ^^^Option available when using CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce Plugin. #Upgrade to Enterprise including Whitelabel platform edition, customised API integrations and more. Contact Enterprise team for further details.

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Yes, all subscription plans are recurring. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Tip: Set a note in your calendar to remind you of your subscription renewals.

Yes! Get a 7-day trial of the Starter, Growth or eBusiness plan subscription to unlock all its features from day one. To activate the CartMagician Trial, enter your credit card or preferred payment method. Cancel at any time during your trial period and you won’t be charged. There are no limitations during the trial, allowing you to fully explore CartMagician features and create some projects tio test and share. The trial plan for CartMagician is only available to new users who have not yet experienced CartMagician's amazing 2D image to AR and 3D features.

Published assets are the files that you have chosen to publish live and display on your website or share with others.

File Conversions enable you to convert and batch-process your files, allowing for easier file management, testing and organization. It's important to note that file conversions are essentially drafts—they are not published but are available on the CartMagician platform only for you to review and preview only. After converting your files, you have the option to publish them as needed which changes their status to Published assets.

Yes that is correct. When displaying variations of a product, such as Product A with three frame styles and three sizes, CartMagician transforms these into individual published assets. This ensures that when a user selects a specific option, the correct 3D and AR visual is displayed. For instance, with nine variations per product (three frame styles times three sizes), you'll need nine published assets for each product. Therefore, if you have 100 products on your site, each with nine variants, your plan would necessitate the creation of 900 product published assets.

With a CartMagician Starter, Growth and eBusiness subscription, you are paying for features that are unlocked for each plan type. If your subscription expires or is cancelled, you will lose access to your projects. Cancelling a CartMagician subscription deactivates all active and dra projects.

Yes. If you have paid via credit card, you can download your invoice from the Profile Settings under - Payment History.

Yes, everything you upload and convert to 3D and augmented reality in CartMagician can be used for commercial purposes. Always check the artist copyright and license of 3rd party assets from external libraries like TurboSquid, Google Poly, Sketchfab, BIM Objects, and MyMinifactory. Some of these libraries might be used for non-commercial projects only.

We recommend understanding how many products you need to publish on your website, art gallery or online store. You can adjust the plan slider to the publish quantity you need and this can be changed at any time as your products grow.

CartMagician offers unlimited conversions on selected plans so you can freely test and demo prior to publish. Then when ready, publish live to access the automatically generated web embeds and sharing exports.

Each plan also contains different features like 3D configurators, branding customization and time-saving batch processing to suit your needs.

No cancellation fees, lock-ins or additional fees to view 3D and AR content.

You can cancel at any time. To update your subscription, please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to your CartMagician account.
2. Click on the profile dropdown located at the top right of the screen.
3. Select 'Manage Subscriptions.’
4. On the 'Manage Subscriptions' page, you'll have the options to update, pause, or cancel your plan.

Once you have cancelled your paid subscription you plan will go into 'Grace Period' until the end of the billing cycle. At this time you are able to delete your account if you wish to do so.

Seamless transition to your new plan. If downgrading to a new plan please ensure that you don't miss out on any feature, tools or settings that you are currently using. If you have any questions please contact support for assistance.

Everything you need to get up and running and to make the most of what CartMagician offers.

We offer FREE installation for our add-on plugins and Connecrting to CartMagician if you need help. CartMagician API is well documented and we are here to guide you through setup.

CartMagician offers step-by-step video and on-screen tutorials and help docs, getting started onboarding flows that you can follow, well documented Help Desk and you are only a few clicks away from posting a support request.

Publishing your files allows them to be viewed on your website or share with customers. Once published this is counted as one (1) published product on your plan. You can however convert as many files as you like to test and demo prior to publishing live.

Once a file is published you get access to the automatically generated web embeds, exports and sharing files. Including ready-to-use USDZ, GLB, web-embeds, hosted AR links, pop-up modals, QR codes and many more.

Due to the nature of digital services, we can’t issue refunds. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can cancel anytime but no refunds are allowed.

As a CartMagician subscriber you are responsible for your subscription with full access to manage, upgrade or downgrade and cancel at any time.