Convert 2D images & 3D models into augmented reality, super fast.

CartMagician augmented Reality platform makes it easier for eCommerce customers to visualise, interact and purchase products online without leaving their home or business.

Fast-track your way to converting JPEG & PNG (or 2D) images into high quality, 3D and Augmented Reality viewable products for eCommerce

CartMagician provides an automated 2D to 3D to AR online conversion tool that allows users to upload a standard digital image and apply it to one of the ready-to-use, hyper-realistic 3D models from our library.

Once selected start the conversion and CartMagician effortlessly combines your 2D image onto the 3D model and outputs an impressive, complete 3D asset that is ready for online distribution.

Give it a try! Simply upload your image file, select a template from our library. Within seconds you have created something quite amazing that can be uploaded onto your website or eCommerce store for online users to view in 3D and augmented reality to engage with.

Transform your eCommerce. Think of the possibilities.

CartMagician USDZ Converter for WebAR outputs AR for Website Browsers Customers Use Everyday!

Viewing augmented reality has never been so easy!
Customers simply open your website using their device, tap on the AR-enabled product to activate the content in their own space. No apps required!

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CartMagician is transforming eCommerce products with WebAR for the real world.

CartMagician provides the platform, conversion tools, access to pre-rendered 3D models and custom templates plus eCommerce plugins that allow store owners to easily showcase products through their online store in AR to the world.

eCommerce store owners, product managers and online business owners can quickly create product driven virtual showrooms using CartMagician augmented reality with detailed 3D previews, for customers to view in webAR and purchase with confidence anytime, without leaving their home or business.

Our aim is to make sure you have everything you need to convert and showcase your products in AR and hyper-realistic 3D on the web. Attracting and engage more customers to your online store, website and social networks.

CartMagician utilizes the industry’s most powerful website browser enabled augmented reality and 3D viewable file formats to help you transform your online shopfront including USDZ (ARKit 3 / QuickLook) for Apple iOS devices and GLB/glTF (ARCore) for Android devices.

CartMagician requires no experience in 3D modeling or coding. Simply drag and drop and copy and paste skills are about all you will need.

CartMagician handles the rest.

CartMagician instantly outputs AR files to web platforms you already use

Smooth platform integration to add AR for web! Simply copy and paste, link or plugin your site to get started!

Augmented reality for Bootstrap Websites
Augmented reality for Wordpress Websites
Augmented reality for WooCommerce Shopping Websites
Augmented reality for HTML5 Websites
Augmented reality for SquareSpace
Augmented reality for Shopify
Augmented reality for Webflow
Augmented reality for Wix
Augmented reality for Weebly Platform
Augmented reality for zenfolio photography platform foliozenfolio
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CartMagician augmented reality platform has everything you need to quickly publish 2D content into 3D and AR super stars!

Powerful cloud-based platform provides users with easy-to-use online publishing tools to manage, convert and publish web-ready Augmented Reality and 3d content into all the right places.

CartMagician AR utilizes your standard website browser to deliver Web AR technology ensuring no additional apps to download. It also means seamless integration and connectivity with your existing online store or website so customers can quickly access, share and visualize products at scale in their own environment while shopping online to purchase your products.

Published WebAR files ( USDZ & GLB files) with 3D previews can hosted, downloaded, shared or simply embed on your website or added into your eCommerce store or via one of the CartMagician eCommerce plugins.

Output to the most used WebAR 3D file formats

Convert & Publish to any website or eCommerce store, on all platforms with CartMagician Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality eCommerce and CartMagician

There are hundreds of different ways that you can use augmented reality across your eCommerce products, from showcasing artworks, visualising flooring and rugs, marketing and advertising. Here are some great industry examples from our customers

Visualise Artworks, Photography & much more

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Visualise Retail Products, Designs & Ideas

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Showcase any Commercial Products in the Home

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Visualise commercial products before you buy

Place Furniture in the Home

Visualise Tents & other Outdoor Equipment

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3D to AR = 3D conversion platform

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