The easiest way to help customers visualise products as they shop online!

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce adds website augmented reality seamlessly into your online store so customers can view store products anywhere, anytime.

CartMagician AR Conversion Tools USDZ GLB GLTF file formats

Lead the way with augmented reality that converts, engages, sells

With CartMagician AR added to your WooCommerce store website you have everything you need to quickly turn your online store into a product driven virtual showroom for customers to access anywhere, anytime.

Interact and convert more sales with our photo-realistic products in 3D, 360 degrees 3D viewer and augmented reality viewed at scale.

With hundreds of augmented reality product experiences already created by members, it doesn’t matter if you sell bees, white goods or camping gear our CartMagician for WooCommerce will help you boost store engagement and improve conversions when you need it most.

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Lifelike product animation AR 3D USDZ CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce
WooCommerce Store Owners and Product Managers

Purpose built for WooCommerce Store Owners and Product Managers

Quickly enhance your online products and retail stores capabilities with CartMagician AR plugin installed into WooCommerce.

Best of all, it takes no time to setup. Simply download CartMagician, install and activate on your website. Within minutes you will be adding jaw dropping AR content into your WooCommerce website.

No additional mobile apps to download and view content, no roadblocks for customers, just great experiences that aim to help you showcase, engage and sell more products online!

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Import and Convert the most used 3D File Formats

CartMagician Conversion Tools quickly converts your 3D into website AR ready USDZ and GLB/GLTF file formats so that your customers can start viewing your products in augmented reality.

Uploading files is simple, extremely quick, quality controlled by our team and best of all optimised perfectly to suit WebAR driven online retail products. We support a wide range of industry standard file formats including GlTF, GLB, DAE, STL, OBJ and FBX.

Need to convert 2D files instead?
Check out CartMagician 2D to 3D and AR Conversion Platform.

CartMagician is making it even easier to add engaging AR ready content for your online store or website.

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CartMagician AR Conversion Tools USDZ GLB GLTF file formats
WooCommerce Store Owners and Product Managers

Start small, Think BIG!

No limits with CartMagician AR for WooCommerce.

Once CartMagician is installed into your WooCommerce shop you have full control to create and add as many products as you like. Start small with a couple of hero products or GO BIG and transform your entire product range into an augmented reality virtual showroom ready for your customers to experience.

Don’t stop there, why not share products links across social networks to further promote products and engage new customers.

Stand out, Sell more with industry leading CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce Online Shopping.

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Website Augmented Reality for WooCommerce Online Shopping Websites & Products

Great Support & FAQs

Instant assistant. Get in touch anytime, from anywhere.

You can rely on our customer support team for all of your technical and augmented reality Q&As across 2D/3D content creation, USDZ / GlTF / GLB file conversion tools, collaboration, publishing, integration and embedding on your website.

Use a different eCommerce Platform? No worries we can help with that too!

CartMagician Augmented Reality Online eCommerce Support Websites

WOW&WOW we can't believe the response we have had...

Kylie P - Livewire

Super easy to add new products. Well done Cartmagician

Simon B.

Augmented reality on the web is the best!

Sammy A.

Adding both Android and Apple to the latest release brilliant, thank you!

Lucie L.

Thank you for extra tech support to get us up and running quickly, thank you thank you! Love it!

Jazz D.

WooCommerce Store Owners and Product Managers

Discover the Magic!

View the CartMagician Online Store Showcase

Visit our fully operational CartMagician Augmented Reality Storefront that extends WooCommerce Online Store capabilities. Select from a wide range of example products across multiple industries utilising CartMagician Augmented Reality.

Boost engagement, SEO ROI and analytics, improve your product offerings and most importantly online sales across the entire online store product catalogue.

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

CartMagician Pro AR Plugin Extensions for WooCommerce

Starter (iOS only)

$99 USD

Billed Annually

Cartmagician Pro

$149 USD

Billed Annually

Unlimited Product Uploads

Apple iOS Device Website AR Compatible

(Add .USDZ files to Media Library or external hosted URL link)

Android Device Website AR Compatible

(Add .GLB files to Media Library or external hosted URL link)

Quick 1-Minute Plugin Installation

Standard Wordpress plugin installation required.

Single Site Annual License

View Augmented Reality on Apple iOS 12+ devices

No sure, view compatible device list here

Online Support

(Includes Support Desk, FAQs, Getting Started Guides and more)

Browsers Supported

Safari & Chrome on iOS version

Site Installation Option

Option available for CartMagician Support to configure your online store. Additional cost if required.

*Compatible with Apple iOS 12+ iPhones/iPad devices plus Android Phones/Tablets.

Use a different eCommerce platform? Contact Support

Billed annually USD



Billed annually USD


CartMagician adds augmented reality to WooCommerce Stores and Websites