CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce online shopping AR eCommerce platform

Easiest way to add augmented reality to WooCommerce Store Website

Add augmented reality to WooCommerce stores

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce adds WebAR directly into your WooCommerce online store ready for customers to visualise, try and buy products in AR as they shop online. Connecting your WooCommerce Store in minutes!

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce

Lead the way to add augmented reality that converts, engages, sells while shopping online

Add CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site and start adding and selling WooCommerce products using augmented reality perfect for viewing on the web (WebAR).

You can upload or link to hosted AR content .USDZ and .GLB media files even drop in a WebAR shortcode button anywhere on your product page to activate content, configurable options, and more, straight out of the box.

Enhance WooCommerce with CartMagician AR

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce helps store owners, sales and product managers convert, engage and sell more products online, in-store and on the road!

Quick Installation

Within minutes CartMagician augmented reality turns your WooCommerce store into a product driven virtual showroom ready to engage and sell to customers.

View eProducts in AR

Visualise products in the browser using CartMagician website augmented reality (WebAR) as you shop online. Connect your WooComerce Store in minutes!

Increase Online Sales

CartMagician augmented reality leads the way with purpose built AR visualisation tools for eCommerce. Helping WooCommerce store owners convert, engage and sell more products online, in-store and on the road!

No Mobile Apps

CartMagician Pro utilises your standard website browser to deliver seamless WebAR viewing technology. Ensuring a perfect match for eCommerce Store owners and their customers.

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce works on mobile website browsers your customers use everyday!

Viewing augmented reality has never been so easy!
Customers simply open your WooCommerce store using their website browser on their device, tap on the product to activate the content in front of them. No apps required!

View CartMagician WebAR on Safari Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Google Chrome Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Firefox Mobile Website Browser
View CartMagician WebAR on Edge Mobile Website Browser

Enhance your WooCommerce.
Enhance your customers online shopping experience!

CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce is all you need to start adding and viewing your WooCommerce products in augmented reality. No apps required.

Easy to edit

Quick 1-Minute Installation

Connect WooCommerce in minutes with standard plugin installation!

Upload files

Upload USDZ & GLB Formats for WebAR

Industry's most powerful in browser augmented reality formats to deliver WebAR.

Control schedule

Single Site Annual License

All you need to take advantage of engaging and powerful AR functionality.

Mark tasks

Online Support, Video HelpDesk & FAQs

You can rely on our customer support team for all of your technical and augmented reality Q&As.

CartMagician Augmented Reality
WooCommerce platform AR eCommerce

*Compatible with Apple iOS 12+ iPhones/iPad devices
and Android Phones/Tablets

  • Media

    CartMagician Pro WooCommerce

paid annually
  • View AR in standard browsers - Safari, Chrome, Edge...
  • View WooCommerce products in AR as you shop online
  • In browser WebAR (no apps to download)
  • Add unlimited AR products into WooCommerce
  • Import AR-ready files direct from CartMagician Platform
  • Import AR web URLs or upload AR media files (usdz glb)
  • Import AR for iOS & iPadOS (.usdz)
  • Import AR for Android (.glb)
  • Add 'View in your space' AR buttons
  • Online help desk & chat support

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What our experts say about us...

We're proud and super greatful to help online businesses with WebAR around the world.

Frequently asked questions

CartMagician adds augmented reality (or AR) content and functionality seamlessly into your WooCommerce online store. CartMagician Pro is a plugin that integrates directly into your WooCommerce store, enabling you to quickly add and manage AR content including USDZ, GLB file formats including 3D previews.
Yes. CartMagician Pro has a fully functional WooCommerce Store that you can view and test different types of Web AR content. Visit demo.cartmagician.com
Absolutely. Adding augmented reality content to your WooCommerce products is as easy as copy and pasting a URL or uploading a media file (USDZ or GLB file formats). For your customers viewing AR enabled content on your product pages is a simple tap of an AR icon of View in your Space button on their device. Customers can view products for sale at 1:1 scale, place products directly into their own surroundings to get a true sense of how great your products are and best of all buy products all from within your website!
CartMagician offers a variety of ways to create both USDZ & GLB files. CartMagician 2D to 3D AR conversion platform is great if you sell 2D style products such as artwork, photography, floor coverings including rugs plus other designs like tshirts, soft coverings and wallpaper.
CartMagician 3D to AR file conversion platform helps customers wh have 3D models of their products. The conversion tool outputs the correct USDZ & GLB file formats ready to use in CartMagician Pro. For further information on automated 2D 3D AR conversion tools try for free here.
We do our best to have happy and loyal users, so we hope you won’t need to cancel. However you can at any time cancel by accessing «My Account» section on our site and cancel your subscription.
Due to the nature of digital goods, we can’t issue refund. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can cancel anytime but no refunds are allowed.
Unfortunately not! You need to renew your subscription plan to continue using the CartMagician Pro and so you continue to receive ongoing updates. This ensures you continue to offer your customers great augmented reality experiences when they visit your website.
To learn more please visit the CartMagician Help Desk

More ways to CartMagician


Transform your Art, Photography, Illustration and other 2D designs into augmented reality for eCommerce websites

Increase online sales by allowing customers to visualise your artworks in real life. Attract more customers, sell more products.

Create Augmented Reality for eCommerce
USDZ Converter

Learn about how CartMagician's USDZ Converter can help you create WebAR files for eCommerce

Convert 2D and 3D files ready for WebAR with our GLB & USDZ conversion tools. Simply drag your files onto our AR converter to create augmented reality for the web.

Online USDZ Conversion Tools

Create augmented reality content for your WooCommerce website

New way to create website viewable augmented reality from your 2D images.
Think artwork, think design or photography. Check it out!
No experience required!

No credit card required to start