Why use WebAR
for e-commerce?

WebAR gives your customers an online try-before-they-buy experience, making it easier to choose the right product. With CartMagician, it’s easy to create these immersive shopping experiences on any e-commerce platform.

What is WebAR?

Web-based Augmented Reality, or WebAR for short, is an augmented reality experience that is hosted within a webpage. Customers simply open a custom URL on their web browser using their smartphone - either by tapping on an icon or image – and use their camera to view content in their environment.

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WebAR makes augmented reality possible for every business owner

Until recently, augmented reality has been expensive to create and host for business owners, and hard to access for customers. Augmented reality was limited to big budget apps for mass player games and Social Media channels like Snapchat and Instagram.

This amazing technology has been kept out of reach because of expensive and time-consuming development and 3D modelling, heavy headsets, and clunky apps that take up far too much space and power.

A huge leap has been taken with WebAR. Industry standard file formats (USDZ for iOS devices, and GLB for Android), conversion software, and improvements to widely-used website content management systems have made it simple, inexpensive, and quick for website owners to create and offer augmented reality experiences.

Using platforms like CartMagician, online retailers, artists, photographers, and commercial and residential design businesses can enter the world of WebAR from their desktop.

CartMagician WebAR bridges the gap between online shopping and physical stores

The world is changing, and we’re shopping online now more than ever.

Thankfully, the simplicity of WebAR technology and the wide-spread availability of AR-enabled smartphones means your customers can interact with your products, even if they are hundreds or thousands of kilometers from your physical store.

Imagine a customer seeing how a piece of art would look in their home, without leaving the couch?

What if a customer could visualize their new kitchen while in their own home?

WebAR isn’t just a fun, novel experience, it’s a powerful sales tool that can:

  • boost sales by helping consumers make the right choice, reducing returns and disappointment.
  • help you deliver interactive online product launches.
  • hold onto your customers ever-decreasing attention spans, keeping them on your site for longer.
  • increase website traffic as happy customers share your content via social media and talk to their friends and family.
  • increase repeat business: after all, if you knew you could purchase the perfect product the first time, wouldn’t you go back?
  • grow your business by showcasing products in WebAR online, in-store and on the road!

WebAR is transforming online retail and bringing brands closer to their customers. As 5G comes online the possibilities will be even more exciting.

See how WebAR looks for yourself

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CartMagician outputs WebAR files that customers can view on mobile web browsers they use every day

Customers simply open your website on their compatible Android or iOS 12+ or later iPhone and iPad device, then tap on the AR-enabled product to activate the content in their own space. No apps required!

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