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It Is Not Rocket Science.

It Is Not Rocket Science.

In fact, you don’t have to be anything close to being a scientist, programmer, or 3D artist to use CartMagician.

How to create 3D products using 2D images

2D imagery

Create 3D products with your 2D images like art, rugs & product designs

Transform 2D images into 3D product replicas using customizable 3D templates, automation and view augmented reality

Perfect for artists, online galleries, photographers and other common products (rugs, cushions, curtains, furniture) that contain your beautiful designs, patterns and fabric textures.

How to maximize 3D models for E-Commerce

3D models

Maximize 3D product models for your E-Commerce store

Elevate 3D Product Models for E-Commerce beyond single use, customer sharing, CMS, product page web-embeds and more

Perfect for e-Commerce merchants who sell products that come in multiple options, colors, fabrics and finishes or would like to add hotspots to add features.