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Everything you need to easily create Web AR in one place.

CartMagician is a complete augmented reality creation toolkit where you can convert 2D images or 3D models into WebAR. You can enhance, edit, manage, export, host and share your WebAR content, all on one cloud-based platform.

Whether you use WooCommerce, Shopify or another web platform for your online gallery or store, there’s CartMagician product to suit you.


Packed with easy-to-use tools, the CartMagician platform takes the effort out of converting your 2D images or 3D models into realistic WebAR content and adding them to your website.

Time-saving tools are standard including: bulk 2D to 3D AR conversion tools, a growing 3D template library, 3D colour and model variant tools, USDZ and GLB export options, 3D hotspot creator, 3D template creator, secure AR hosting, and a AR project gallery to keep you organised.

Is this for me? The CartMagician Platform is perfect if you’re an online gallery or retailer, artist, photographer or business who uses any major web or e-commerce platforms.

Single & Bulk AR Conversion

Simply drag and drop your files and watch the magic happen! Time-saving AR conversion tools for business looking to scale.

Automate 3D & AR Creation

CartMagician 3D product templates are revolutionizing the design process for creating virtual products from 2D images from start to finish.

WebAR Tools & Exports

Time-saving WebAR tools, export features and 3D viewers to share and showcase products in 3D and AR on any web platform.

Connect or Integrate

Connecting CartMagician to your web platform is easy. Need to scale? Discover our API's to seamlessly deliver photorealistic 3D & AR experiences direct to your site.

CartMagician AR Shopify app

Convert 2D images of your artwork, photography, wall and floor designs or other retail items into liai-size AR replicas and publish them to your product pages without leaving Shopify.

We’ve automated the entire process so you can create augmented reality experiences for your customers in just a few clicks, all while working within your Shopify store. No need for switching applications, resizing, reformatting, and uploading content – it all happens for you.

Is this for me? This app is perfect if you’re a Shopify store owner who sells 2D products and wants to boost engagement and sales by enabling customers to virtually try products in their own home. This app automates the process of converting your images onto free product templates so they look like the real item for sale.

*CartMagician AR app is sold separately on the Shopify app store.

CartMagician Shopify AR shopping websites API integration

CartMagician PRO for WooCommerce AR Plugin

The easiest way to add augmented reality to your WooCommerce store.

The CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce plugin enables WebAR files to be added directly into your WooCommerce online store product page, ready for your customers to open and interact with using the standard web browser on their Apple iOS or Android mobile device.

Copy and paste your own USDZ and GLB content or use the CartMagician Platform to streamline the process and host your AR content direct to your WooCommerce store.

Is this for me? This plugin is ideal if you’re a WooCommerce store owner who wants to offer interactive AR product experiences on their website.

*CartMagician PRO for WooCommerce AR Plugin add-on is sold separately.

We've been busy connecting the 'best of the best' web and eCommerce platforms

CartMagician provides start-ups, individuals, small businesses and companies with instant, scalable and customisable 3D viewers and augmented reality experiences, API's and export tools that help showcase their products or service online, in-store and on the road.

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