Transform your fashion & retail products into augmented reality

CartMagician is a powerful platform that helps you deliver the ultimate ‘try-on before you buy’ experience for your customers where they can visualise your retail and fashion products in their own home in web-based augmented reality (WebAR).

CartMagician can take your existing 2D images and combine them with hyper-realistic templates to create replicas of real products or convert your 3D models into AR. Our platform is so easy to use and files can be created in minutes.

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CartMagician makes it easy for your customers to make the right decisions

Think about your customers for a moment.

When searching to buy a new handbag, tshirt, pair of sunglasses, even a new designer bike, they’re looking for a product that suits their own style and requirements – whether that’s for work or pleasure. It’s an important decision, but it’s easy to get wrong, especially if they can’t visit a store.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could see your products in their own space, at scale, and see how they’ll look next to their own items?

We think it would! That’s why CartMagician uses Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) files that your customers can view on their Android or iOS smartphone, without the need to download an app. They just tap and go.

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CartMagician is the most affordable way to create WebAR for your online retail & fashion store

Thanks to WebAR and CartMagician, you don’t need to pay for expensive design and development services – you can do it all in-house.

Our platform so easy to use. Upload your existing 3D models, hit convert, and embed the new USDZ and GLB files that CartMagician creates into your website. No training or experience is required.

Our plans start at just $19 USD per month and include everything you need to create augmented reality experiences, making CartMagician affordable for small businesses.

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We're proud to be helping online businesses around the world deliver amazing WebAR experiences and results.

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