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CartMagician instantly converts fine art and photography into WebAR so website customers can view on their wall, in their own space, as they shop art online. Grow online sales. Created in minutes!

Everything you need to create, visualise & sell your art, photography & designer products online using WebAR.

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It is so easy! Simply upload an image of your artwork, photography or other 2D design and CartMagician will instantly transform into framed masterpieces that replicate the real item. Add to your website or online gallery for buyers to view in their own space, position on their wall and buy with confidence.

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Think about your customers for one moment. When searching to buy art or photography online it would be nice to see that piece of work in your own space, at scale, framed perfectly or stretched over the canvas it was painted on, right?

Well CartMagician automates this for you along with host of other products that you can quickly convert your designs onto and add directly into your online store or website gallery so buyers can view with WebAR using their mobile website browser on Apple iOS or Android devices. How does that sound?

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About CartMagician AR-t Series

CartMagician ARt series, showcases a host of new hyper-realistic 3D templates perfect for framing and visualising artwork in augmented reality (AR). Choose from our growing free library of artwork frames, stretched canvas or mounted timber frame styles or you can request our team to customise a frame set to match your needs or existing product frame styles.

Simply upload an image of your design, select a frame style that best matches your design, and in seconds CartMagician takes care of the rest. No waiting, no delays!

Within seconds CartMagician combines and mounts your selections into high quality, life-like products that you can share and embed online for your customers to view using website augmented reality.

Best of all your customers can view your designs in augmented reality from the comfort of their own home, studio, gallery or office, anytime.

The ARt series is perfect for artist, art dealers, designers, enthusiast and art galleries.

Watch how to transform 2D artwork into AR
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How it works


Step 1. Upload your 2D image

Upload any PNG or JPEG image file that you would like to convert into art that you can view in your space using AR


Step 2. Choose a Frame Template

Select one of our hyper-realistic product templates that replicate the real framing choice


Step 3. Press 'Start Conversion'

CartMagician instantly combines your image with the 3d template and outputs AR-ready files you can add onto your website


Start selling! Embed Web AR Files

Your virtual art is ready! Share or embed the Web AR files or URLs across websites, eCommerce or online gallery, so that your customers can view in their space!

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3D Template Library

Don’t start from scratch. Select a hyper-realistic 3D product template from our library. Everything from canvas to timber and mounted framing options. Customise your own range to match your product range.

Publish 3D & AR for Web

Access all the files you need - whether it’s a GLB or USDZ file or URL to upload directly into CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce or other eCommerce platform plugins, Reality Composer, social media advertising or a web embed to place directly into your website.

Visualise Products

Showcase your artwork’s full potential anywhere on your website gallery or online store with fully interactive 3D elements with AR preview. It works on all mobile devices and no coding skills are needed! It’s as simple as embedding a URL link!

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CartMagician works on website browsers your customers use everyday!

Viewing augmented reality has never been so easy!
Customers simply open your WooCommerce store using their website browser on their device, tap on the product to activate the content in front of them. No apps required!

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We're proud and super greatful to help online businesses with WebAR around the world.

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