CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce
How to host WebAR USDZ & GLB media files

What you will learn

Getting Started: Learn how to add hosted URL links of WebAR USDZ and GLB media files to your WooCommerce product page using CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin on your Wordpress website.


- 00:00:00: How to Use Hosted USDZ-GLB URLs to deliver AR content with CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce.
- 00:00:03: In this short video I will show you how to use the CartMagician platform
- 00:00:09: to easily add hosted USDZ and GLB URLs to your Wordpress WooCommerce website.
- 00:00:12: Let's get started. Once you've done a conversion, look under 'Export AR-ready files'.
- 00:00:15: Select the 'Copy USDZ URL Link' button.
- 00:00:17: Next open your WooCommerce Product Page.
- 00:00:19: Scroll down and select the CartMagician 'Augmented Reality' tab.
- 00:00:22: Select 'Edit USDZ link' button
- 00:00:25: and paste the 'USDZ URL Link' and select 'Done'.
- 00:00:28: Return to the CartMagician platform.
- 00:00:31: Select the 'Copy GLB URL Link' and return back to the product page.
- 00:00:34: Select 'Edit GLB link' button,
- 00:00:36: and paste the 'GLB URL Link' and select 'Done'.
- 00:00:40: Now that both hosted URL links have been added
- 00:00:44: for the GLB and USDZ AR content,
- 00:00:48: select 'Update' to Save your Product Page.
- 00:00:50: Using your mobile or tablet device,
- 00:00:53: open the live website page link to view your product.
- 00:00:56: If you have a QR code like our demo you can also scan this to open the AR content.
- 00:01:05: On a smartphone an icon will display to show that there is AR content.
- 00:01:08: Select to 'Open in AR' with interactive 3D preview.
- 00:01:12: Use finger gestures to move, rotate or zoom in and out to view product.
- 00:01:16: Select AR mode to view and place the product using AR.
- 00:01:20: Congratulations!
- 00:01:24: Your hosted AR content has been added successfully.