CartMagician Platform
How to convert 3D models into Augmented reality (USDZ/GLB Converter)

What you will learn

Getting started: Learn how to use CartMagician to create augmented reality experiences from 3D models (FBX, GLB, GLTF, OBJ, ABC) you already have.


- 00:00:00: How to use 'CartMagician 3D Converter'
- 00:00:03: To begin, go to the top navigation.
- 00:00:03: Select 'New Conversion' then '3D Conversion' to open.
- 00:00:07: Drag 'n' drop your 3D assets onto the 3D converter or select to upload from your files.
- 00:00:07: We accept standard formats .glTF+assets, .fbx, .glb, .obj or .abc files
- 00:00:17: Prior to uploading, bake materials and textures into your model, including animations.
- 00:00:26: Optimise your model to reduce the file size and offer faster WebAR viewing. Upload file limit 16Mb
- 00:00:30: When your file has uploaded, a friendly green tick will appear.
- 00:00:33: Next, select 'Start 3D Conversion' to begin.
- 00:00:43: Your 3D model is converted and is delivered to you as perfectly optimised WebAR files in USDZ and GLB.
- 00:00:54: You'll now see an interactive 3D model preview and a mobile friendly QR code you can scan to preview AR results.
- 00:00:48: Simply copy and paste the export files to your website or online store.
- 00:00:48: You can share the hosted URL links,
- 00:00:55: use the 'View in AR' shareable buttons
- 00:00:55: web embeds, iFrames and more.
- 00:01:01: Try a 3D conversion today.