Augmented Reality Templates

We’ve created a range of 3D templates that replicate real-world items to help your customers visualise your products in their own surroundings.

CartMagicain 3d augmented reality templates

CartMagician’s 3D templates make creating augmented reality files super-fast

Templates are 3D models of common items – picture frames, canvas’, wallpaper, rugs, t-shirts, cushions – that house your 2D image, bringing it to life for your customers.

CartMagician’s templates eliminate repetitive, time-consuming 3D modelling tasks by allowing you to apply the same model to multiple products without re-constructing the design each time.

One single template can be used for your entire product range so you can replicate and grow your 3D augmented reality product library fast. Plus, using the same template keeps your brand’s look and feel consistent across your website.

And because it’s so easy, you can spend less time and money on outsourcing design work and focus on selling your products online.


How do CartMagician’s 3D templates work?

CartMagician’s automation takes care of resizing, converting and outputting perfectly optimised AR files.

Our software takes your uploaded 2D image in either JPEG or PNG, assesses it based on the template you’ve chosen, re-sizes it if necessary and then applies the template. CartMagician then outputs the final result as perfectly optimised web-ready AR files.

How CartMagician 3D Augmented reality templates work
Upload your 2D image into CartMagician platform
Select CartMagician AR product templates in 3D WebAR
CartMagician WebAR automation capability

Templates are just one of CartMagician’s time-saving tools.
Take a look at what else it can do.

Take a look at some of our 3D templates

Here are just a few examples of the pre-built 3D augmented reality templates you’ll find in the CartMagician platform.

Select CartMagician AR product templates in 3D WebAR

Need something specific? We can customise a template for you.

You want your products to look a certain way. We understand that. So, if you can’t find a pre-built template that you like, we can create a customised template for you based on your specifications or on an image that you send us.

Once we create a custom template, we add it to your library so you can use it again and again.

Our custom templates can be purchased for a flat fee of $290 USD.


Yes. Templates are what transform your images from a flat image into a realistic 3D experience and form a key component of the conversion process.

No. If you have your own 3D models already that you’ve created in another application, you do not need to use a template and will skip this step in the workflow.

Yes. We offer a range of pre-built templates for you to choose from. If you can’t find one that meets your needs, we can create a custom template for a one-off fee.

Absolutely. CartMagician’s automation takes care of resizing, applying the new design, converting and outputting perfectly optimised AR files.

This means a single AR template can be transformed into unlimited SKU variants in a matter of seconds without the need of individual 3D editing to create each SKU item.

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