How it works

Convert your 3D models into Augmented Reality (AR) ready USDZ and glTF files for your website. CartMagician now supports over sixty (60+) 3D and 2D file formats!

Upload your 3D and 2D files

Simply drag and drop your 3D file onto our USDZ converter. You can convert OBJ, FDX, STL, DAE, GLB and many more. Create your own 3D model or choose from various online 3D marketplaces. CartMagician can also assist in finding the perfect 3D model for your needs.

Convert to USDZ / GLTF

CartMagician will convert your file and email you your augmented reality enabled files. Upload to your WooCommerce shopping cart or website and start viewing on either Apple or Android mobile devices.

Receive AR enabled files

We send your files direct to your inbox so that you can retrieve and upload to your website.
If you require a more integrated approach please contact the CartMagician team to discuss your needs.

Pricing + Support

CartMagician provides a streamlined solution that will help your business. Our services include CartMagician Online Shopping Cart Integration, 3D Model Creation and Search, USDZ and GLTF File Conversion and Hosting Services.



USDZ Augmented Reality (AR)
File Format Conversion

1x USDZ File Conversion
by CartMagician AR

Email Support



Includes 5x 3D to USDZ / GLTF Conversion Credits

High Quality Managed Service providing 2D/3D to AR enabled
USDZ & GLFT File Conversions
with Image Preview

We accept up to 50 different file types for 3D /2D conversions

Easy Upload + Retrieve Service
Straight into your InBox

Secure File Management

Simply upload the supplied USDZ file to your website or WooCommerce Store using CartMagician AR and view your products in Augmented Reality




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